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Empowering Girls to Shine Bright


April 26th- May 31st

A girl’s 6 week journey to self-discovery, self-acceptance, self-confidence and everything you need to know to keep calm

and ShineOn!



"I created the ShineOn! Program because I feel there is a strong need for girls and women to stop focusing on the externals (beauty, body image, status and striving for “perfection”) and start focusing on their dreams, values and what brings them joy. My program offers a safe space for girls to openly discuss the issues that they face and from what I have seen it’s been empowering for the girls to realize they aren’t alone and that their peers face these issues too. ShineOn! really focuses on taking a proactive approach giving the girls tangible tools to help them deal with everyday life stressors, manage their emotions, how to start creating inclusive, supportive friendships, how to dream big and most importantly how to love themselves, see their self-worth and realize the immense potential they hold within them."

-Carly Brown

ShineOn! Virtual Program 

Welcome Girls! (and parents)

ShineOn! Is an empowerment program aimed at inspiring girls to see their inner light through the practice of yoga and other mindfulness techniques. The unique combination of lecture, group discussion, cooperative games, yogic postures/breathing, awareness exercises and more, create a fun, diverse and engaging atmosphere that suits the needs of all types of learners.

Traditionally I have taught this program in a group format, face to face with hundreds of girls from grades 5-8 over the past 6 years. This is the first time I have taken this program online, which has the potential to reach friends from all over the world. Updated and refreshed to suit the needs of right now, this program will help create structure, emotional support and empowerment in an increasingly anxious and uncertain world. 


6 Week Structure 

Week 1

Baby You Were Born To Shine: Self-Awareness & Discovering Your (You)nique Self! 

Image by 🇸🇮 Janko Ferlič
Week 2

If You Are Going to Rise, You Might As Well Shine: Self-Acceptance and putting a stop to those negative thoughts

Friends at Camp
Week 3

Love Yourself First and Everything Else Falls Into Place: Self-Image, Body-Image and Self-Love

Image by Kelly Sikkema
Week 4

Live Your Dharma, Not Your Drama: 

Overcoming Mean Girl Syndrome and Becoming Resilient in a Girl's World 

Image by sydney Rae
Week 5

The Power of Sisterhood and Sangha: Forming Supportive and Nurturing Relationships

School Girls During Workout
Week 6

Shine Your Light Bright: Confidence, Clarity and Being an Inspiration to Others

Image by Morgan Sessions

Program Details

Screen Shot 2020-04-09 at 5.40.52 PM.png

Once Registered, you will be sent your PDF Course Workbook. Every Sunday you will receive a link to your two videos for that week- a Lecture Video and an accompanying yoga/mindfulness practice video. On Wednesday evenings at 7pm (CST) I will send a secure private link for an (optional) group check-in via zoom. This is meant to be a work at your own pace course. Throughout the whole course I am available via email to answer any questions and offer support. 

Registration: This course is geared towards girls in grades 5-8 ages 11-13, however I have taught this to course from grades 4-10 ages 10-15. Upon payment, expect an email within 24 hours from Carly requesting your daughter's name and age. 

Course Investment

Open Notebook


Includes course manual, 6-lectures, 6-Yoga+Mindfulness videos, and 6-Live group Check-ins

Including Tax




Includes everything in the basic program PLUS 6 one-on-one weekly 30min Yoga Therapy sessions with Carly.

Including Tax


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