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Yoga Child's Pose


Centre for Yogic Education 



Our goal is to help educate and assist individuals on their journey to health and inner peace through the traditional teachings of Hatha Yoga. Lokah Sangha Yoga is committed to bringing the holistic teachings of yoga in a practical way to suit modern times. LSY's skillful and dedicated founder, Carly Brown (awaken with Carly) has been nominated for several business awards and is a prominent leader in Yoga and Wellness in Northwestern Ontario since 2013. We pride ourselves on being community-minded and inclusive to all who wish to come and learn the incredible physical, mental and spiritual practices of Yoga that bring us joy and enhance our well-being.




This loving, community-focused Yoga studio is the real deal. It has stayed true to traditional authentic Yoga practices. Not flexible? No problem. Not strong? No problem. Can’t sit still? No problem. Come work it all out in this inclusive environment and learn about what Yoga for real people is all about.


I was (am) brand new to yoga and I felt so comfortable and respected! Carly has been my only teacher so far, but she had me sold on yoga forever, 10 min in! I’m in love. My only regret.... waiting so long to start!


I can't speak highly enough for how much more complete and in love with my soul and body I am since starting yoga. This environment is PERFECT for beginners. You WILL feel comfortable and accepted. Just GO try a class, if you haven't. You won't regret it. Yoga changes lives. I highly recommend.

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