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Our Regular Scheduled Weekly Classes

Led by our incredible teachers, use your class passes, memberships or drop-in to any or our Regular Scheduled Weekly Classes.
No pre-sign up necessary. (See our online schedule for the most up-to-date schedule and any notified changes)  

Gentle Yoga

Mon-Wed-Fri 9-10am

This class is offered at a gentle pace and designed to help us slow our body, mind and breath down from our busy lives. Perfect for those looking for a softer approach to their practice, or to those who are new to yoga. This class combines gentle postures and breathwork with stretches and strengthening movement to reduce stress and calm the mind.

Image by Junseong Lee


Tu/Th 7:30-8-30pm

Indulge in our Restorative Yoga class, a sanctuary of tranquility and restoration for your body, mind, and soul. In this gentle practice, you'll surrender to a series of supported poses to create a cocoon of comfort and deep relaxation. Each pose is held for an extended period, allowing your body to unwind and release tension while promoting inner healing and emotional well-being.


Hatha Flow

Mon-Wed 5:15-6:15pm 

Our Hatha Flow class, is a beautifully balanced practice of traditional Hatha yoga with the fluidity of a graceful flow. These classes guide you through movement that develops strength and flexibility to develop the connection between, body, mind & breath. With a focus on proper alignment and breath awareness, Hatha Flow offers a safe and accessible practice suitable for all levels. 

Image by Ginny Rose Stewart

Slow Flow

Sunday 10-11am

Indulge in the bliss of our Slow-Flow Yoga class, a mindful journey that gracefully synchronizes breath with gentle movements. Through mindful transitions and longer-held postures, you'll discover profound relaxation, improved flexibility, and heightened self-awareness. Embrace the art of slowing down  as you flow through this practice, leaving each session with a serene mind, lasting long after the class ends



Thursdays 6:15- 7pm

Dive into "Flow 45," a robust and invigorating 45-minute Vinyasa yoga experience. This class offers a strong challenge yet remains accessible to anyone familiar with Hatha flow yoga. Emphasizing a dynamic blend of strength, flexibility, and balance, each sequence is designed to deepen your practice while syncing breath with movement. Perfect for those seeking to elevate their yoga journey, Flow 45 invites you to explore your limits in a supportive and uplifting environment. Join us to energize your body, focus your mind, and discover your potential.

Yoga Pose

Price List 

We accept credit card, cash or EMT ( Pay Online or In-Person
We use WellnessLiving as our studio software/payment system. To purchase online you MUST create a WellnessLiving account.  

Annual Membership                              $89/month
6 Month Membership                            $95/Month
1 Month Membership                            $99/Month
12 Class Pass                                   $150+HST
1 Drop-in Class                                   $16 (tax inclu
Student Drop in (12-17)                           $12 (tax included)

Online Schedule
Look further down for events and deals

April Schedule
Please note if any changes occur they will be reflected in the online schedule above

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Events & Specials

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Our events and services can be purchased online, in-person when you come to class, via email: or by calling or texting: (226)984-9874. We are always happy to help with registration or answer any questions you may have!

Our studio is always open to beginners. We have all the equipment you need, and NO service fee for mat/prop rentals. Make yourself at home, go at your own pace and feel the support and compassion of our LSY team and community! We can't wait to see you soon! 

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