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Lokah Sangha Yoga 200hr Holistic Yoga Teacher Training

We are currently in session. Our next scheduled 200hr YTT will be in January 2024. Please reach out if your are interested!

Immerse yourself in the studies of Traditional Hatha Yoga  Whether you have a passion to lead and inspire, or a deep desire for self-transformation, this holistic training will provide you with a clear and comprehensive foundation of understanding and using Yoga in all aspects of your life. 


Yoga, from ‘doing’ to living is one of the central tenets of the Lokah Sangha Yoga model. The LSY teaching method provides a clear understanding into the holistic tradition of the Yoga process and is delivered with reverence to how it’s been traditionally taught in India that has been passed down through our school’s lineage. 


We believe everyone has the capacity to lead and inspire, and this course will help you unlock your potential to share your gifts in the world with passion and joy. As you learn to competently guide others in Yoga, you will ultimately learn so much about yourself in the process. An effective teacher is one who intuitively taps into their own wisdom and shares with authenticity. Our methodology encourages students to find their own unique teaching style, to be rooted in clarity, and with a strong foundation of understanding Yoga in its entirety and not just in parts. Our students will use this knowledge to deepen their own self-study and go out into the world teaching Yoga from a greater sense of self-agency. 


The Lokah Sangha Yoga teacher training method is unique as we focus on a 3 part-developmental process:


1. Preparing for the Experience: Our course is robust deep-dive into understanding Yogic philosophies and terminology, Sanskrit and Latin terms, anatomy, physiology and so much more. Sometimes this can feel overwhelming, so these sessions are geared towards giving us more time to digest and understand these teachings with clarity and ease. 


  • 4 online sessions: Tuesday July 11th, Thursday July 13th, Tuesday July 18th, Thursday July 29th from 6-9pm CT Live Zoom Sessions

  • 1 Online weekend session: Saturday July 29th-30th 9am-4pm CT Live Zoom sessions


2. The Immersive Retreat: An incredibly important part of inquiring into the nature of the Self, is the ability to step out of our day-to-day routines and fully dedicate time for self-exploration, reflection and meditative contemplation. Here we will experience full days of practising and learning how to teach Yoga, studying, participating in evening satsang and making friends for life. 


  • August 13th-27th, a 14 day live-in immersive retreat accommodations & meals (vegetarian) included

  • Yes you can still call your family, use technology etc, but we do encourage ‘disconnecting to connect’ as reasonably as much as  possible 

  • Graduation Day Aug 27th- we invite your loved ones to come witness your certificate ceremony! 


3. Integration sessions: We feel a 200hr YTT is just the beginning, and know that when we go back into our normal lives that it’s easy to lose focus and momentum. We will continue to support you over the following few months (and beyond) with monthly group check-ins and other pre-planned events, including an online session with my dear teacher, Shri Prasad Rangnekar. All future LSY courses which provide Continuing Education Credits to Yoga teachers will be offered at a discounted rate (10% off) for all LSY YTT Graduates. 

Core Competencies as per Yoga Alliance Guidelines:


Techniques, Training, Practice: 75hrs


Pranayama & Subtle Body



Anatomy & Physiology: 30hr





Yoga Humanities: 30hrs





Professional Essentials: 50 hours

Teaching Methodology

Professional Development



*Plus* Ayurveda: 15 elective hours

-Tri-Dosha theory 

-Tri-Guna theory

-Pancha Mahabhutas 

-dinacharya, ratricharya & Ritucharya

-sequencing for doshas

-Ayurvedic Nutrition & Lifestyle

Who Can Join?


  • Sincere students interested in becoming certified yoga teachers

  • People who want to use the methods of yoga for self-growth, even if you don’t want to teach. 

  • Practitioners and students who want to deepen their personal practice


Please Note:


You do not need to be in ‘excellent shape’, or have a ton of Yoga experience, but you do need to come with a positive, open-mind and a readiness to learn. 

-full participation is required to receive your certification

-this is a vigorous course, which will require a lot of studying and focus. Sometimes students experience energetic and mindset shifts throughout the course, so please take note of this. 


Course Investment: 


$3500 CAD +HST 


*Pricing Plans Available 

$1166 CAD+HST x3  due: April 15, May 15, June 15 


Final Payments Required by June 15th

$500 Non-Refundable down Deposit due upon Registration 


Please reach out with any questions at or

Lead Instructor- Carly Brown E-RYT 500


Carly Brown has been studying Traditional Yoga under her Guru, Shri Prasad Rangnekar for the past 12 years and has assisted in his Canadian trainings since 2014. Carly has a vast knowledge of Yoga Philosophy, is highly skilled in functional anatomy, has spoken at major events and has learned from many industry leading professionals in Yoga & Ayurveda. She has owned and managed her own studio for over a decade and continues to be a compassionate guide and mentor to many.

More about Carly

Apply Here

1000003767_e1a6f27efdaba22ee4ee5ef00f634585-2023-04-17, 8_46_44 p.m..jpg

Melissa, Teacher

I HIGHLY recommend taking my beautiful friend, Carly's, 200hr Holistic Teacher Training this coming summer. I took my 200hr YTT nearly 4 years ago now and it changed my life in so many ways.  Carly is an agent of change and awakening and she is truly gifted at what she does. Seriously, change your life for the better and take the leap with this YTT!!.

1000003765_b06c7d008a5a9af733e2c791e892720e-2023-04-17, 8_42_03 p.m..jpg

Shaheen, Yoga Educator

Carly Brown is an incredible teacher. She has done and continues to do the inside and outside work to transform. Carly brings deep understanding of teachings that she has devoted herself to. Her ability to explain and demonstrate with concrete examples makes her an exemplary instructor. Carly is an uplifting soul who is playful and passionate. If you’ve ever considered a YTT, sign up and begin your transformation!

1000003768_0982c9f2e45b6a0d616b296fe17a89d2-2023-04-17, 8_54_42 p.m..jpg

Jena, Entrepreneur

Best decision ever made! Resulted in a brand new outlook and confidence in life. Purpose to follow, a community to support me and real teachers to turn to whenever I needed 🥹 Genuinely can’t put into words, and I love words. To see Carly putting on this training now, after many years of study together since, I am super excited for those who have this same chance.

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